A graph animation

A simple demo illustrating layout of rapidly changing graphs.

Web traffic visualization

Watch visitors navigate around your web site in real time.

Algorithm Visualization

Rapid insertion of random keys into a binary search tree.

Python + Ubigraph

Ubigraph can be used from most any language because of the XMLRPC interface, but Python makes using the API especially easy.

8 cores in real time

Running on 8 cores on a Mac Pro, UbiGraph quickly lays out this thousand-node graph.

Random Graph

Watch the emergence of the giant component in an Erdos-Renyi random graph.

NetworkX + UbiGraph

Visualizing graph algorithms with the NetworkX library.

Three-level dynamics

See three levels of the graph simultaneously as it is laid out.

Dynamic Coarsening

Watch the dynamic coarsening algorithm in action.

Two Level dynamics


Highlights Reel

A selection of highlights from the demos.

Comparison of single and multilevel dynamics

The multilevel approach used by UbiGraph results in graph layouts that converge quickly.