UbiGraph is a tool for visualizing dynamic graphs. The basic version is free, and talks to Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, C, C++, C#, Haskell, and OCaml.

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Version alpha-0.2.4 is distributed as two separate components. The server application, which renders graphs, is distributed as a compiled binary. The client bindings, which use XMLRPC, are distributed under an open source license.

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The demonstrations on our Demos page illustrate the underlying technologies and some example applications.

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Algorithm Visualization

UbiGraph can be used to visualize and debug complex algorithms and data structures... This is useful both for experienced programmers, and for teaching novice programmers.

Ad Hoc Networks

UbiGraph's ability to visualize dynamic, distributed graphs makes it ideal for visualizing wireless ad hoc networks, in which the network connectivity is changing.

Real-time profiling

Discover the hotspots in your program through a visual profile that shows where time is being spent in your program, as you interact with it.


Visualize the spread of a disease through a social network...

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The Technology

UbiGraph uses dynamic, multilevel graph layout for quick convergence of graph layouts. It uses XMLRPC for cross-language and distributed graph support, OpenGL for rendering, and Pthreads for parallelism.

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